The Equalizer-Mirror


Item in picture doesn’t represent the mirror front option.

Verbiage to come. This is the product listing for the Mirror Front.  I need to figure out how to create drop down menus for the product page.


WARNING: This is not a firearm safe. This is a firearm storage device. If the purchaser has young children who don’t understand the potential danger of firearms, it’s essential that you keep them stored. This product is intended to be hung on a wall out of young children’s reach. You understand that this device is not a firearm safe but merely a device to store your firearm in. It is your responsibility to store your firearm according to the laws and requirements of your local and state laws. We make no representation this storage device fulfills any legal requirements for safely storing your firearm. By purchasing this device, you agree that you are fully responsible for safely storing your firearm. Never store your firearm with a chambered round.

You understand that gun ownership involves a certain amount of risk which can be minimized, but not eliminated by properly securing and storing your firearm.

You understand improper use of this device such as storing a firearm with a chambered round could result in the accidental discharge of the firearm. Accidental discharge could result in damage to your personal property, bodily injury and possibly death.

Follow all firearm safety techniques when using this device. Never store a firearm with a round in the chamber. And remember to use necessary caution when stowing and trigger discipline when removing the firearm.

By purchasing our product’s, you accept and agree to the above statement.





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